Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sweet Relief

So... if you didn't already know, Silas broke his leg.

Jenn blogged it here and here.

Today (day three of the broken leg) he is adjusting to the cast, but still very grumpy about his loss of mobility. His unhappiness definitely expresses itself the most when he is trying to get to sleep in the evenings. He just can't seem to get comfortable with the cast on and is very whiny and grouchy when it is time to call it a night.

Anyway, that is just the background for this particular story...

I was sitting in the recliner last night, holding Silas and chillin' when Jenn got home from water aerobics (*cough-cough).

Jenn went to the bathroom and rushed back out into the living room to inform me that the bathroom floor was flooding, the toilet was running, and she couldn't tell where the water was coming from.

I handed off Silas, turned off the water to the throne, and started feeling around to discover that the two bolts which hold the toilet tank onto the base had almost completely rusted through and water was running out one of those holes.

Jenn did some quick internet research to determine that those bolts, along with an entire toilet tank repair kit could be picked up at Lowe's fairly cheap, so planning to do that this morning I went ahead and completely disassembled the can.

Who knew that completely gutting a toilet could be so easy. A few bolts here, and little twist there and pretty soon you're left with an empty porcelain box with a few holes in the bottom.

Anyway, Jenn picked up the all inclusive kit from Lowe's this morning and this evening (with almost no leftover parts) I demonstrated my mad plumbing skillz...

and TaDa!

The toilet is working again!

Sweet Relief!

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Sarah said...

You can water aerobics (*cough-cough)all you want...but..last night was different we worked hard : )