Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Tweet Cloud

Just thought this was interesting.

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A Good Morning

This has been a really tough week at work.

Things like a hot cup-o-Tims keep me going though.

Thanks Jenn!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

When brinner meets my panini press...

We decided to have panini sandwiches for dinner this evening.

While Jenn opted for the more traditional ham and cheese panini,
I chose to make brinner again on my sandwiches...

So, what does happen when brinner meets my panini press?


Sausage, fried eggs, colby-jack cheese, and three cheese
italian bread from the Kroger bakery... all slapped together
and mashed in my panini press.

Good stuff!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Brinner Time.

For as long as there has been breakfast, there have been those of us who like to eat it at times which do not fall before 10 AM.

If you so happen to have your breakfast in the late morning, or early afternoon it shall be called "brunch".

Thus it seems only appropriate, that if you choose to have breakfast (or breakfast foods, as it were) in the evening, or for the evening meal it shall be known as "brinner".

Who it was, that once upon a time, decided which foods would be designated as "breakfast foods" I do not know... But traditionally things like bacon, eggs, toast, biscuits, and so forth fall into that breakfast food category.

Not tonight my friends! Behold, I give you our brinner.

Tonight at El Rancho Roogles I cooked up french toast, egg-in-a-baskets (eggs-in-a-basket?), and sausage gravy with biscuits.

It was yummy.

The Princess even got in on the brinner fun, with a slice of cinnamon toast and scrambled eggs.

Side Note (foot note?) - Although we have been eating breakfast foods for dinner at the Roogles Ranch for some time, the term "brinner" was only just introduced to our family compliments of the TV show Scrubs. Brinner was a major theme in the episode "My bad too" (season 7, episode 7) which aired on April 10. (detailed synopsis here).

Anyhoo. Just a light-hearted post to wind down the evening.