Sunday, August 27, 2006

A dabbler in all things low frequency...

Once upon a time I was a bass player. In fifth grade I started as a trombone player, and then moved to the tuba ( and sousaphone ) when I was in the seventh grade... In High School, I picked up the bass to play in jazz band and pep band. Since I could already read music, I played the tuba or baritone parts on the bass. Notes only, never learned to play chords.

In college I joined a Christian ska/rock band called "Days Made" with some new friends that I found there. Our lead singer/guitar player was an amazingly talented musician. We played stuff by the Supertones, Bleach, Jars of Clay, and things like that. We only had one "concert" that I can recall, but it was lots of fun. Our band "look" was cut-off jean shorts with white button up shirts and ties.

My junior year in college, the bass player in the famous URG Grande Chorale graduated and the group went in search of a new bass-man. I played bass for the Grande Chorale for two years, and learned to sing a little during that time. We went on tour over spring break every year, and I had experiences and made friends in the GC that I'll never forget. My second year in the Grande Chorale, Doc Murdock surprised me with a DeArmond Ashbory bass. ( Check them out here ).

I had a used Fender Jazz bass in college, and shortly after graduation I picked up my own Ashbory on ebay. I fiddled around on them from time to time, but didn't really have anyone to jam with and over the past five years figured that I wouldn't ever need them again so both of my basses ended up on Ebay.

This past week, some fantastic guys from church asked me to play with them at a Friday night fifth quarter, as their normal bass player was tied up with football. Despite being extremely out of practice I took a stab at the gig, and playing a borrowed bass had one of the best times I've had in a long long time. I am quite aware that I am currently the bottom-of-the-barrel bass player around here, but I'm currently hoping to get some more practice and hopefully even pick up another axe here in the near future.

Big ups to you guys who gave me the chance to pick up something I thought I had forgotten all about.

Here's hoping for more chances to play Sloopy and dabble with things of low frequency.