Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What's in MY menu bar?

( click above for larger image )

Saw this post over on Merlin Mann's blog about the contents of his menu bar and decided to blatantly copy him...

The reason? I often experience the same thing... Another mac user looks over my shoulder and says "Hey, what's all that stuff in your menu bar?". Well, here's the scoop...

left to right...

Dropcopy - quick and easy file sharing via bonjour
Adium - simply the best multi-client IM app for OS X
QuickSilver - need I say more?
Knox - create and edit encrypted disk images
ChronoSync - ( according to Merlin this is a "Very cool app for keeping two folders synced" ) I'm trying it out only b/c I saw it in his post...
TypeIt4Me - quickly insert often typed phrases with only a few keystrokes
JumpCut - quick and easy clipboard history
Growl - visual notifications for almost everything
SoundSource - switch sound inputs and outputs on the fly
Keychain Access - very useful for locking your screen
Fast User Switching
MagiCal - replacement for the built in menu clock - nice options
Spotlight - *sigh

What interesting things do you keep in YOUR menu bar?