Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Morning Update

Monday Morning Update - September 1, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

I took Friday off from work to create a four-day weekend between two four-day work weeks. Friday we didn't do much except bum around the house all day. Some friends stopped out on and off through-out the day, and I stayed here with the kids while Jenn went and did the major grocery run for the month.

Friday evening we went to the Waverly home football game against Jackson. It was very hot, humid, and crowded at the game. The football team lost to Jackson, but the band did a great job! After the football game we had a Fifth Quarter event at Grace UMC here in Waverly. The 5Q was a joint effort between three of our area churches, and was a great success! The Luke Francis Experience did a great job with the worship and Zack Pfiefer did a great job with the devotion.

After getting home and to bed really late on Friday night, we all slept in on Saturday and then had another day filled with mostly just hanging out around the house. I made chicken fried rice and crab wontons for lunch on Saturday. The wontons were good, but the chicken fried rice is the best batch I have ever made here at the house.

We went to the Waverly soccer game on Saturday evening, and after the game a couple of the Youth guys came out to play some Mario Kart and hang out.

Sunday morning we were at RVCC for both services and then came home for a lunch of left-overs and a nap before going back into town for Youth. For Youth we went down to Walnut Street Park in Waverly and grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and played on the playground. It was a great evening, perfect weather for a cook-out in the park, and the evening was filled with great conversations, fun fellowship, and building relationships with our kids.

While we were at the park Silas bumped his leg coming down the sliding board and hasn't wanted to put weight on it since then. He doesn't act like he is in pain at all when he is sitting or laying down, and played on the floor last night quite happily. However, whenever he puts weight on his leg he whimpers holds onto his calf. He doesn't have any swelling or bruising, so we decided to wait overnight to see how he treated it this morning. Since it still hurt him this morning, Jenn packed him up and took him to Adena.

Where I am right now -

Since it is a holiday weekend I don't have to work today. I'm hanging out at the house with Ellie while Jenn is taking Silas to the hospital. At this moment I'm sitting in my recliner with my laptop and we are watching a movie. I've promised Ellie that I will make her a chocolate milk when this post is done.

This week at a glance -

Because of the holiday weekend, I have a short week at work this week... Fabulous!

Other than the normal work type things, Jenn is starting water aerobics this week on Tuesday and Thursday so I will be at home with the kids on those evenings.

We're fixing brinner tonight for one of the Youth who is moving off to college this week. Looking forward to hanging out with Caitlin and hoping that the good-bye won't be awkward.

Procrastination report -

I can't think of anything that I am particularly procrastinaing about this morning. There are a couple of books I would like to read, which I haven't managed to break into yet. Maybe I will have time to get on those this week.

Book(s) I'm reading -

I am still trying to make it through Jesus for President, and I started reading Blue Like Jazz by Don Miller this week. I have to admit that I picked BLJ back up as a result of Don Miller's prayer at the DNC last week. I have read BLJ once before, and it really didn't excite me or keep my interest. Only two chapters in this time I wonder what I was thinking. This is great stuff!

How I feel about the week ahead -

Excited for the short work week. Hopeful that the weather will stay cool, and that fall will actually get here and stay.


Matt said...

dude, didn;t realize you were there at the waverly game or I would have looked you up! I help with the Jackson band. Our church's first 5q is this week after the game. This will be my first one to lead, but should be fun. It is a big outreach for our church here. Maybe we'll cross path's soon!


Sarah said...

I like these posts.