Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Morning Update

Monday Morning* Update - September 8, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

Except for a few sprinkles, Friday night was excellent Football weather. We didn't think Silas should be out in the rain so after heading home with Jenn and the kids I returned to the Waverly -v- Wellston football game. The band did great! I think the football team did a good job as well, but who has time to pay attention to such things...

Friday after the game we had another very successful Fifth Quarter with the cooperation of some of the other Waverly churches. It is great to having churches working together in the community for the good of the students!

Getting home late on Friday, I slept in some on Saturday morning and then spent a whole day of supreme laziness at home with the kids while Jenn attended an Emmaus team meeting and did some shopping. We were so lazy that I didn't even make the kids change out of their PJ's.

We had a great day of just loafing around the house though, watching TV, movies, playing on the floor, etc. I need days like that more often.

Sunday was a full day at River Valley. I found Steve's message about measuring the day to be one of the best one's in this current series, and worship with Marty Ford is one of the best parts of my week.

We did some relaxing on Sunday afternoon and grilled burgers for lunch, just in time to make it back to the church for a massive photo-scavenger hunt at Youth. Great stuff! Look for the photos on facebook (and later on this blog!).

Where I am right now -

Well... I have now officially worked on this post from five different locations, and am now back where I started... the recliner in my living room.

This week at a glance -

Well... I have a crazy busy week at work with 101 projects to work on.

Jenn has "water aerobics" (hehe) on Tuesday, we have a Youth planning meeting on Wednesday (to plan activities, etc for all quarter), and Jenn's birthday is Thursday for which we are going out to dinner. I may be going out of town this weekend, which would mean leaving Friday morning and coming back Saturday evening.

This coming weekend is also the Men's Emmaus Walk in Chillicothe, which means I have all the little pre-Emmaus weekend things to wrap up before Thursday.

So yeah... it is pretty much crazy...

Procrastination report -

Wow... where did all that lack of procrastination go from last week? I really need to work out babysitting for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week so that someone can watch the kids while Jenn and I go out for her birthday, and so that she doesn't have to worry about them on Saturday while she is doing Emmaus stuff. (If you are interested in the babysitting gig(s), call me)

I also have two other half-finished blog posts that I need to wrap up.

Book(s) I'm reading -

I started reading The Shack on Sunday afternoon and am completely sucked in... The book was a recommendation from the friend of a friend who said it is a must read. I'm hoping to knock it out this week and then get back to some non-fiction.

How I feel about the week ahead -


* oh... I almost forgot the footnote... by the phrase "Monday Morning" I, of course, meant that I intended to post this on Monday morning, and am just now getting around to it... on Monday evening... when I should probably be going to bed...

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