Saturday, November 17, 2007

NYWC Atlanta - Day 3

We were so tired this morning that when the alarm clock went off I just killed it onto the floor and went back to sleep. As such, we missed the 8:00 seminars this morning. I was really hoping to go hear Dave Ambrose share the seminar 'What Monks Can Teach Us'... I'll be picking it up on MP3 before we split.

Since we were running a tad behind, Jenn made a break for general session and got seats with Marty & Alan in the "cheap seats" area while I waited in line at Starbucks for vanilla bean frappuccinos and scones.

Shane & Shane are really talented guys and Chris Tomlin was really good.

The speaker at the general session was Phyllis Tickle, and she was amazing!

Her session had to do with the huge change that the church is undergoing as denominational lines among Christians are blurring and ermgent patterns are developing all across Christianity as we know it...

She was very very deep, but I really connected with her message... I texted Steve during the session and his reply was something like "Fiesty old grandma' ain't she".

I'm definitely picking up her session on DVD. Steve needs to see it, and I want to watch it again.

Jenn went to the Women in Youth ministry luncheon at 12:15, and I came down here to the tables near the exhibit hall to blog, which I have now been doing for two hours non-stop...

My battery is about to die, I need to go check the score of the Buckeye's game, and I really need to look up some lunch after Jenn gets back from scoping out the show floor.

More updates later.


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Carol said...

Hey Eli...good to see you on the ol' blog. I'll look for you around the conference. Hat tip to you and your Buckeyes...don't know what happened to the Wolverines...