Thursday, November 15, 2007

NYWC Atlanta - Day 1 - wrap up

Ok... For those of you who were not aware of my general level of nerd-ness, I'm about to fill you in.

Marko ( remember him ) keeps a list of people who are blogging from the NYWC.

At the urging of a few folks on said list, he was kind enough to also list the links for those of us who are tweeting from the conference. ( If you aren't familiar with Twitter, look here first, then here, and then go get an account here ).

IF you are already familiar with Twitter skip ahead some....

The act of posting to twitter is referred to as "tweeting".

Well, for me part of the fun of having Twitter is following other people who are doing the same sort of thing that I am doing... I update my twitter and "follow" the people I'm following all from my iPhone using SMS messages. So basically when I want to update mine, I send a text that says something like "is eating pizza". And then everyone who is following me gets a text message that says "Eli is eating pizza".

Likewise, anytime someone who I am following updates their twitter from their phone I get a text message telling me what they are doing...

You can also view my twitter updates online here.

SKIP TO HERE! ( for the folks who skipped ahead... if you've been reading this whole time, just keep going )

Anyway... In addition to blogging from the convention, and updating my twitter I'm also following several other folks who are twittering as well. Some of the guys I'm following are also following me, some are probably not...

As I was wrapping up my last blog, and the battery on my laptop was dying a guy happened to walk up near where I was sitting and said "Hey, here's someone blogging from the convention." A quick name-tag glance later and he realized that it was me, who he was following on twitter.

And that is how I met Gavin, who is blogging here and twittering here.

Neat huh!

Gavin, having the presence of mind to have a camera with him, took a photo of the two us of standing with our backs to the exhibit hall, which I hope he will pass on to me so I can share it with all of you thus completing this geek moment.

This update on geeks at the NYWC brought to you by Twitter.

To wind up the rest of the evening.... I met up with Jenn when the HerStory conference was done for the day, bumped into Marty's fam for a couple of minutes, said "Good Night" to the whole gang and slipped off to dinner at Ted's Montana Grill, which was excellent.

We split the jumbo shrimp appetizer, which was amazing, and then had some bison chili and shared a burger, which was pretty good. The sweet tea was an A+.

Now, we're back at the hotel. Jenn and I are both tired and stiff from doing all the walking which neither one of us are accustomed to. We're both slinging blog updates now, and will be crashing shortly. Tomorrow will be here very very soon.

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gavin richardson said...

what! no mention of you stalking me at ted's? just for you buddy, our most recent glamor shot!