Friday, September 21, 2007

SYATP - Thoughts About a Rant.

After some great discussion at Bible study a couple weeks ago about the the upcoming See You At the Pole on Sept 26, I ran across a blog today that had two articles worth re-posting.

The general consensus at Bible Study that night was that SYATP was a pretty ridiculous excuse for a "Christian" activity ( quotes on purpose there )... And one of the students even made the comment that she had already made a commitment to "NOT see anyone at the pole."

Here's the initial blog post. Read it.

See You at the Pole ( A Rant ) on Z Life

In my experience (both as a youth and a youth pastor) I have 1) not been really really excited about or really "good" at prayer at any time in my life and 2) dont't think SYATP does anything to help out with that.

I will admit openly that prayer doesn't appear anywhere on the top ten list of my spiritual gifts, and I am in awe of those people I meet who can commit to prayer and be faithful to it.

Dino (the guy from Z Life) got enough comments about the above listed rant, that he posted a new blog this time with a challenge.

SYATP Counter-Cultural Challenge on Z Life

I think it's a great idea! I'm also curios to know what you think.


( Thanks to Dino from Z Life ).


Anonymous said...

I think Dino is being a bit close-minded. For someone to think that what is good for them is good for everyone is self-centered. While SYATP may not "do it" for him, it may be the way that God connects with someone else. Let's celebrate all attempts that people make to get closer to God or to show God's love...even hiding in their closets.

Sarah said...

While I can see how kids think meeting around a flag is totally lame I think it is great to not be afraid of who you are and what you believe!