Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Geek warning.   If you aren't a geek, or don't care about geek things skip this post.

Back in February, I decided to take the plunge and switch from Safari to Firefox as my primary web browser.   You probably already know that I am a mac user ( read "fanatic" ).   If you didn't already know that, who are you and why are you reading my blog?

My main reason for switching to FireFox, although the reasons became many more over time is that when I started blogging ( on a regular basis ) using blogger, it just didn't work in Safari.  It's been long enough ago now that I don't even remember what didn't work, only that it didn't.  I had been frustrated with Safari for a couple of other reasons so I took the plunge and went Firefox hard core.

Well...   Now, six months down the line, I'm finding myself more than a little frustrated about how flakey FireFox has been working for me.    The browser takes a long time to load, crashes frequently, and ( way more frustrating than any of the above! ) it has recently stopped working well with blogger!


The menus don't display right, the browser crashes when I try to leave comments, etc, etc, etc.

I've looked on Google, and the other "normal" places but can't seem to find anything that has a resolution to the problems I'm seeing.    

So, what do to now...    I'm posting this blog from Safri 3.03 and it seems to be liking blogger just fine.    I don't have any of my bookmarks saved in Safari ( which should be trivial to port over ) or any of my password stuff cached in Safari ( more painful, but not really difficult to remedy ).  

I'm just frustrated.    Or maybe I'm grouchy.    Or quite possibly all of the above.


Maybe I will just go back to lynx.


( ht to this post on NoHeat.com, which is where I borrowed the image for this post. )


crossn81 said...

hey check out these two sites

and Addons for Blogging

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should switch to Microsoft XP, I haven't had any trouble blogging!:)