Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What a weekend

Southern Ohio Boys Chrysalis Flight # 20 has now come to an end. I'm sure that I am not alone in adjusting slowly back to the real world... Coming down off of the high of an Emmaus or Chrysalis weekend always leaves me feeling very reminiscent and nostalgic for a few days...

I was telling Jordan on the weekend that part of the power of participating in a Chryalis flight for me is the flooding of memories and emotions that tie me back to my own flight ten years ago (wow) where I gave my own life to Christ, and first had an understanding of what a real relationship with him meant.

This past flight ( SO Boy's # 20 ) was amazing. It was very different from any other flight I have served on, but the more I mull it over the more I think that the "different-ness" of it is part of what made the weekend so powerful.

Highlights of the weekend for me included

1) Anna singing "All I can say" on Saturday night.
2) The few moments of planned spontaneity that was only shared by a few of the team members after the sanctuary cleared out from candlelight Saturday.
3) Marty singing "Beautiful Collision" during the team commissioning Friday night and then again at closing.

Thank you to all of the team members who poured your hearts into the weekend. The testimonies and stories shared by the butterflies at closing were evidence enough that God was using all of us according to His purpose this weekend.

Looking forward to doing this all again soon,



steve said...

Good Stuff. Hey...just realized that I too witnessed ALL THREE of those highlights. AMEN.

T5Guy said...

Was an amazing weekend Dude. Awesome to serve with you again! I agree with your highlights(except maybe the laston ;)), Anna blew me away! I was so proud of how she sang, it is hard to play guitar and cry at the same time..good thing it was dark in the room:)