Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Little Rachel"

Ellie got a Dora kitchen for Christmas from her nanny and pop. She loves it. She spends a ton of time "cooking" for Jenn and I and preparing meals and tea-parties for her dolls.

For Valentines Day, Jenn got her a basket of play food ( plastic fruit, veggies, bread, etc ) to go with the kitchen. Ellie got them yesterday morning and. while unpacking them all onto the living room floor, discovered that there was a plastic knife and cutting board in the basket of plastic food. She grabbed the cutting board and knife and proclaimed with much excitement "Look Dad! I can be just like Rachel Ray!"

For a two year old, I find Ellie to be extremely smart, articulate, and perceptive.

I think she watches too much tv though. :)


crossn81 said...

Very nice!! She is growing up quickly!

daisyrockgirl said...

lol, that is funny i love Ellie you know!!!