Thursday, November 20, 2008

NYWC Nashville - Kick Off

Well... The NYWC Nashville is officially underway. It is nice to be at the conference this time around as a participant and not an exhibitor. I've felt very lazy today, just loafing around Nashville, connecting with old and new friends, and being generally lazy.

This morning Jenn and I wandered down to the convention center after a great breakfast at our hotel. We discovered that we were much to early to officially check in, so we found the LiveWorship booth, and then just went wandering aimlessly down broad street to second street.

There are a scad of great looking restaurants and bars down that way that we would love to pop into for lunch, dinner, or just because while we're here in town. We picked a local place that Jenn's been wanting to visit and had lunch there. It was pretty good. We packed up the left overs and Jenn found someone on the street to give them to on her way back to the convention center. She has a big heart for the homeless, and really wants to find other ways to make connections and do some local outreach while we are here. I admire her compassion, and although I don't see the opportunities as often as she does I'm going to help her do her thing as much as I can while we're here.

The rest of the day Jenn has been in the HERStory pre-conference, and I've been wandering around the area, drinking coffee, reading, writing in my moleskine, and meeting up with old and new friends.

I helped the LiveWorship crew setup the booth while Jenn was in HERStory. We grabbed some dinner at Panera and then some coffee at Starbuck's and now Jenn is back in HERStory and I'm chillin down at the YS Store waiting for the RVCC contingent to arrive.

Tonight we're going to take the exhibit hall by storm, and then catch the late night concert action.

slow lazy day today for me. I'm sure tomorrow will be much more exciting.

For tonight, roogles out.


Matt said...

dude make sure you hit Jacks BBQ-one of the best in the nation if you ask me! Enjoy it my brother!

phatty said...

It was good seeing you at church this morning Eli. We hope to be back next Sunday.

Clark Goble