Sunday, June 15, 2008

Still movin'

Well. We are now in New York State. Breakfast at McDonalds went very well. The manager seemed a liitle shocked to see the 16 of us wander onto his otherwise deserted restaurant at 6:30 on Sunday morning, but he took pretty good care of us.

We were back on the road and made it around Cleveland with no mishaps and in pretty good time. Northwest of the big C we ran into a pretty bad auto accident that had traffic at a stand still for about 30 minutes.

Once traffic got flowing again, we made a pit stop just outside of Painsville for snacks and bathrooms.

On the road again from Painsville, we pressed on and made a stop in Pennsylvania to get gas and let Mason use the bathroom.

We're mking pretty good time still at this point, although the 30 minutes we lost sitting still outside of Cleveland is going to make our lunch stop pretty tight.

Should be in Buffalo in about 20 minutes. Planning to grab lunch, stretch, and make preparations to leave the country.

Until next time.

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