Sunday, November 4, 2007

NYWC St. Louis - Last Post

This will probably be my last post from the NYWC here in St. Louis. We had a good afternoon on the show floor today. Lots of people came by the booth, and were excited about LiveWorship.

The last 45 minutes or so seemed to take a long long time, as the crowd had pretty much thinned out and we were basically just sitting and waiting for the official pack up time to arrive

Tear down was very quick and efficient for us. We had the whole booth torn down, packed up and back in the van in just over an hour.

With the van packed, we said good bye to the guys who had been stuck next to us all weekend and drove down to Lacede's Landing to look up some dinner. We found a little bar on the landing called the Feisty Bulldog which had good sandwiches and a great appetizer of home made chips with bleu cheese and tabasco on them.

Not much else to tell since then... With the van packed up we returned to the hotel to chill for a while before we head back to the show for the evening. General session starts at 8, followed by the Late Night with Bob Stromberg, Skit Guys, and Lost & Found.

That should put us back here in the room around midnight (or later).

Tomorrow morning we are hoping to check out by 8, and head down to the St. Louis arch for a tour and ride up to the observation deck. Then we're planning to hit Marko's session at 11, and be on the road back to Ohio by 1:30.

See my twitter for minute by minute details if you're curious as to more specific where-abouts until we get home.

If you've been reading the blogs while I'm down here, hope you've enjoyed them.

See you back in Ohio late tomorrow night.

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Tersie said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I'm still not certain of what you were doing there. I gathered that it had something to do with some sort of software on Macs, perhaps? And it would have to be Christian related. That's all I was able to piece together. ;) St. Louis is on my list of "places to see" in the future. That and Chicago. Sounds like it would be a nice place to visit!