Saturday, November 3, 2007

NYWC St. Louis - Day 2 in full swing.

First of all let me say that I am really bummed because I waited in the second floor guys bathroom this morning for an hour waiting to catch the seminar "Teaching Teenage boys how to kick the crap out of Non-Christians" by Winfield H. Tutte.

Must have been the wrong bathroom.

Secondly, how is this for irony... The America Center which is housing the NYWC this weekend is also playing host to some sort of crazy cheerleading competition out on the other end of the building... What this comes down to is that in order to get to and from the General Sessions and the exhibit hall all of these youth workers and staff have to walk through a mob of little girls ( some as young as three or four ) dancing provocatively (practicing, I guess??) and wearing things that little girls should never ever wear.

If it didn't make me sad, I would laugh.

We had a great crowd in our booth this morning for the show floor hours, and had some great conversations with folks about using our software in their ministries... Can't imagine what would have been drawing them our way...

Had lunch during our break at The Soup Man a couple blocks away. Great bowl of crab chowder and a grilled cheese sandwich.

The show floor opens back up in about five minutes, so I'd better get back over there...

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Tersie said...

Why do they always seem to schedule things like that? Inevitably no matter what type of event you're attending, there will be another adjacent event that seems to mess two different groups of people together who otherwise never would mess.