Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NYWC Atlanta - The Journey

Jenn and I managed to get out of Chillicothe around 12:15, after dropping off the kids to Tom & Billie.

The nuvi ( thanks Steve! ) took us south on 23 to 32, and then down 41 through West Union to Maysville and then down 68 to Lexington. From Lexington it was 75 South alllllll the way.


That first let isn't what me, or Google Maps would have picked out but it was a good drive.

It poured the rain all the way across Kentucky and Tennessee... We took a quick stop at Lexington and again at Knoxville to stretch and trade off driving.

Arrival in Atlanta at 10:30, checked in and settling into the hotel... Tomorrow morning we're going to scope the terrain, figure out how long it will take us to walk from here to the conference center, and look for a good place for lunch.

More updates to come.


gavin richardson said...

glad you made it. that was quite the trip.

Sarah said...

Well, I'm glad that you made it there safe. Good luck finding a good place for lunch today...That's one of my favorite parts of the trip...finding new places to eat lol!

marko said...

i heart my nuvi