Friday, October 5, 2007

Go Band

Another short post while I'm unpacking my brain and clearing the photos off of my iPhone...

I snapped this at the football game on Friday night during the pre-game show.


Lots of our youth from RVCC are in the marching band. There are probably scientific theories as to why the ratio of band kids in a youth group always seems to be much higher than that of the of football players and cheerleaders... I know that it was true in my high school youth group, and it seems to be the norm for youth groups I've encountered...

Maybe band kids are just more spiritual ?? Who knows...

Anyhoo... I played the tuba ( well, sousaphone... but you know ) in marching band in jr. high and high school. In a small county school marching band, I was the only tuba player in the band a couple of those years but normally I was one of a pair.

Laureen ( who was a senior, when I was a lowly seventh grader ) was a great mentor friend, and then Bobby ( who became my apprentice during my sophomore or junior year ) was a great accomplice and partner in all sorts of tuba-centric antics... We had lots of fun.

The band always joked at Adena about performing the incomparable script "A" during our pre-game show. It makes me smile, and brings back memories to see Waverly's band perform the incomparable script "W" on Friday nights...

It actually wouldn't be a stretch for me to say that marching band was probably the best thing about Jr. High and high school... ( I'm sure it would crack Steve up to know that I never missed an Adena high school football game for six years in a row, and still have little clue as to what is happening on the field ).

Anyway... Go band!

I'm proud of you guys.

Great show this past Friday night.

It sucks that you aren't at the away games.

oh... and tuba players rule!


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John Williams said...

i will get a tat of that picture.