Sunday, February 11, 2007

Busy Weekend

I am currently camped out at Trinity UMC in Chillicothe, waiting for the closing of the Emmaus weekend...

This particular Emmaus Walk I had the privilege and blessing to be able to sponsor my good friend and pastor Steve on the Walk to Emmaus. I have been able to pop in and out over the weekend to serve meals, and attend special services that are part of the Emmaus experience, but haven't really had an opportunity to see what Steve thinks of this whole thing...

Many of the team members I have encountered have mentioned that he has been an eager participant in the weekend and that they've been giving him a hard time about his hair since he arrived. :)

I hope that he found the weekend to be refreshing and worthwhile... I'm anxious to talk to him on the way home ( and possibly over an epic lunch or two ) to hear about his experience.

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